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Maryland's Eastern Shore - Travels Near & Far
Koppenhaver's Selected Travel Journal Entries
Maryland's Eastern Shore

Third Haven Woods, Easton, Md
March 19th, 2016

For many of the places I’ll be visiting, and especially so here at Third Haven Woods, there is no Point B. 
My goal was simply to wander from Point A to where my whims take me.
"There is pleasure in the pathless woods".  - George Gordon (Lord) Byron

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Robinson Neck Preserve, Taylor's Island, Md
March 19th, 2016

This, and similar imagery, will be my office view for the next three weeks.

Robinson Neck features an elusive east coast feature: an unobstructed view shed.  In all directions, as far as you can see, it’s remarkably pristine.  But visit soon; the rising sea level is working hard to swamp this beautiful preserve, and in fact, all of Taylor’s Island.

Nature Conservancy Link:                  Click her for more detail

Lichens, Nassawango Creek Preserve, Furnace Town, Md
March 20th, 2016

The Paul Liefer trail weaves through a blending of a Pacific Coast rainforest with a southern bald cypress swamp.  Your neck gets a workout  – looking skyward in awe of how high the trees reach; and looking groundward stupefied at the oddity of the cypress knees, which look like wooden stalagmites.

With proper mindfulness, a stroll along the Paul Leifer trail will be one of the more peaceful walks of your life.

Nature Conservancy Link:                  Click her for more detail
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thoughtsbykat From: thoughtsbykat Date: March 23rd, 2016 06:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
Have fun exploring.
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